White Night Melbourne 2014 from AWD Studios on Vimeo.


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White Night is an event that comes to Melbourne, Australia once a year. It attracts thousands of people to the city to take in the wide variety of events, performances and spectacles. One of the major draw cards to the event, is the series of light projections that transform the iconic Melbourne landscape and its buildings into sights that have never been seen before.

In February 2014, a group of creative minded people from a diverse range of creative backgrounds including; Design, Illustration, Photography and Multimedia took it upon themselves to create a video that would capture this great event. This was done by generating a Time-Lapse of each of the light projections in and around the city.

Each of the creatives involved in this project are at various stages of their developing careers. Some have completed their studies in their respective fields, whilst others are currently operating Freelance Businesses. This video demonstrates that when the individual knowledge and skills of different people are harnessed, an exciting and inspiring final product can be created and enjopyed by many.

This Project was produced in collaboration with Andrew Weegberg, Anna Pluta, Jeremy Bawtitlung, Justin Condello, Ravin Wong and Steven Jordan