Red Symons Vector Illustration Time Lapse from AWD Studios on Vimeo.


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This was a project that started out as being recreational. With the popularirty of other Vector Illustrations completed by AWD Studios, it was decided another, would be undertaken, when time permitted. Instead of doing comic book or movie characters, it was decided that an actual celebrity that people would recognise and know would be selected as the subject. Red Symons seemed like a very good choice, given his popularity in Australian Music, Television and Radio.

This Vector Illustration was sent to Red Symons at his radio show on ABC 774 Melbourne. The image was put on their Facebook site and managed to get over 1200 likes and over 100 comments.

The illustration process was also documented in a video, to give people an insight on how the illustrations were constructed. With the success of both the illustration and video, more projects are planned for the future.